Women Say Guys are Simple Minded and Fall in Love First


CNNX Spoke with Andrea Jones, a psychiatrist at Penn State University who conducted 300 years of women’s research concluding that guys are simple and fall in love first.


“Every guy I ever talked to said they loved me in 5 days and all I did was let them take me out and talk to them on the phone a few times. They can be so stupid” – Andrea


A research survey revealed out of 15,000 guys and girls who said they fell in love, the guys admitted they fell in love within days or just weeks of dating.

Most of the women however stated they never fell in love or it wasn’t until months later in a relationship.

One guy did not understand why he loved so easily:


“I just can’t help myself. If she is fine , smiles at me, and I feel a connection, I want to buy her roses. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.” – Chris


The research Revealed most Men feel they should be masculine and strong at all times which forces them to keep important emotions bottled up for long periods of time. When a woman comes along, these bottled emotions and feelings can get overwhelmed by attraction and her actions that they explode into extreme amounts of love and passion.



“I swear I love her. she kissed on it one time and said she might do it again. I showed up with chocolates to her job everyday after that. ” – John


Andrea stated guys do not think as deeply about feelings as women do who sit and ponder if they love a guy and why? Guys more impulsively act on feelings if they become too much and do not care at some point how they are revealed.


“I will sing from the top of a mountain about that b*th…Oh my bad, I didn’t mean to call her that.” – Corey

One woman stated: ” I can fall in love after he has shown me over time he is really into me and not playing games” – Michelle

Once guys however get an attachment to simple emotional triggers brought on by a woman, his spectrum of feelings open, becoming more prone to falling in love which cause him to act on it.


“I knew this guy loved me. He never told me but he would stare into my eyes smiling while he was driving at 120mph on the highway. Then I fell in love with him” – Mariah



The Dangers

Research also indicates a guy falling in love can uncommonly lead to unhealthy behavior. The reason most guys become irrationally abusive or stalkers is because of inability to show love. The guy may believe a woman is exploiting his feelings and making him act the way he is on purpose when in fact she has done nothing but be herself which has made him fall in love.


“I just want ladies who didn’t know why guys act crazy or stupid sometimes….even if they never said it….They are in love with you. That’s why. ” – Andrea Jones

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