Upcoming Christmas for Americans will be the best since 1788

CNNX covered both Democratic and Republican debates for the 2016 presidency recently, where democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders indirectly promised to give Christmas gifts to every single American in December 2016.


“I want to be honest and very clear, Each one of these children in America would get a basketball personally signed by me for Christmas…if it was up to me” – Bernie Sanders


Moderator Anderson Cooper engaged Bernie further asking: Are you implying you would or you will get every American child a Basketball?


Bernie Sanders replied: You know what, I will.



This came as a shock to some in the audience who began to talk amongst themselves. The energy was electrifying during the debate and the 98 year old Hillary Clinton soon chimed in.


“In 2016 for Christmas I am actually going to hand deliver a box of homemade chocolate chip cookies to every single American in this Great Country!!” – Hillary Clinton



The crowd cheered and other potential voters not long after expressed great interest in the proposals.


“My son is so excited about Bernie Sanders Christmas gift proposal, it’s exactly what these kids need. a ball and a dream. I am voting for Bernie” – Susan, PA


Since the debate other presidential hopefuls gave their Christmas promises


“I am going to give every child in American brain surgery for Christmas.” – Ben Carson


“Every American for Christmas 2016 will get a free tour at Trump Towers by a legal Mexican employee of mine.” – Donald Trump


Voters have since become confused on which Christmas present they want but most Americans agree it will be the best Christmas in American History.

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