Tyler Perry’s “Madea Gets Pregnant” announced

CNNX – Film, Tv Producer, Director and actor Tyler Perry finally announced upcoming Madea film fans have been begging for, “Madea Gets Pregnant”

Monday Tyler Perry sat down with CNNX press Barbara Poorman and gave a sneak preview into the films development and release.



“Fans have been asking me for this film for the past 20 years and I knew the time was coming” – Tyler Perry

Perry says the film will be released with an R rating because of it’s strong sexual content in scenes with Madea. Perry admits to reviewing suggested scenes for the movie throughout his entire career.

“At One Point we were going to turn Madea Gets Pregnant into a 38 season TV Series but I felt some of the explicit content wasn’t ready for TV” – Tyler Perry

Perry says the movie will be a flashback into how Madea’s children came to be, the relationship with their father and how Madea became the icon of today. The story must be heard Perry said.

Alot of Tyler Perry fans immediately took to the internet and voiced their support for the upcoming film Below:

“I love Tyler Perry and I can’t wait to see Madea have that baby, OMG I’m so excited”  – Sarah

“Madea is such a strong black woman and to see her have babies will just help me grow as a woman” – David’esha

“Tyler Perry is a genius, all his films are so good and I can’t wait to show people what Madea and I will deliver for Tyler Perry”  – Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry’s Film Madea Gets Pregnant will be released soon

2017 Update: It is in post development



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