To Women, Are you a SAVAGE or a LOSER?

CNNXNEWS Asked a focus group of guys to women did they think they were considered Savages or Losers? Most claimed to be a savage but after closer analysis by Dr Gordon Moses none of them were Savages at all.IMG_1535.JPG


“I’m a savage. I run this City and do whatever I want, when I want b**tch!” – Michael


Michael was later found to not be a savage but a loser who was jobless lazy, broke, and took candle lit bubble baths at his mother’s house.


A woman will automatically know and get moist for a Savage. One out of One Hundred males is a true savage in terms of new age sociological structure based on popularity and dominance – Dr Moses


The Question was asked after the focus group. “If I’m not a Savage, What is a Savage? I want to be one” – Michael


Dr Moses explained in a brief outline below what a True Savage does: A Loser does the exact OPPOSITE:


Handle Business and Don’t give two F*ks

-Savages make no excuses to take care of business on their own if necessary. Never submitting to doubt or criticism Savages can operate by pure will and go against the grain to reach a goal while the loser complains and worries about the opinions of others.



-Savages just live to the fullest accepting life or death and more simple things like a loss. A Savage can take a loss, learn from the experience and make a greater win out of it. Losers fear life, death, success or failure.


Blame No One and Do Not Gossip

-Savages do not talk about or blame others for their failures or negative dispositions. Savages can take control and adjust to anything for a better outcome. Losers blame others for their failures and complain to anyone who listens.


A Real Man to a Woman

-Savages lead a relationship and do not rely on a woman to give them anything to be pacified with. A savage accepts what a woman can or can’t do for him but also informs the woman what he can or can’t do. Savages stick to what they say even if the woman does not. Savages leave a situation before creating conflict. Losers freeload off women, go back on compromises and feed off their emotions.


Don’t Lie or Betray Others

-Savages have no need to lie or betray others. Savages decide immediately whether to speak truthfully or not say anything at all. Savages take no pleasure in conflict created by betrayal. Losers lie cheat and steal.


Savages Don’t Fight they Defend

-Savages keep themselves at a strong physically level of stature that only require them to defend themselves easily from weak confused, conflict creating, opinion driven people. Petty Words do not invoke physical violence from a Savage. It is below a savage. Losers fight over words and bully the less fortunate.


Savages are Leaders amongst Sheep

-Savages lead without trying. Automatically able to guide others. They go against the odds or the norm. Thinking of alternative ideas or optimizing the best options from others for a better outcome in life again not caring about opinions of others. Savages are looked at for answers and direction. Losers do not contribute to the leader and accept the lowest level of gain in any situation.


Of these Savage values Dr. Moses states the average guy can probably maintain half of the listed above traits. A true savage cannot be defined by a short list but sustain all these and more. Women can easily spot a savage and are highly attracted to them. The question is, to them do you want to be a savage or average?
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