Sexy Celebrity Episode Rumored for Fox Show Empire

CNNX Leak – Rumored Fox Empire creators plan to air a special full guest celebrity cast for an upcoming episode.


“We would like to do something really different with the show just to change things up and show everyone something new” – Danny Strong hinted


The show continues to do well in ratings with it’s surprise celebrity cameos and frequent name dropping throughout the series.

Since the shows air date many celebrities have also gone on record saying they were supposed to be on the show but things did not come together in their favor.


“Yea, I was supposed to be Lucious Lyon on Empire, they never called me back. The show came on and I wasn’t on there. I was like. WTF” – Bow wow


Hell Nah, Lil bow wow wasn’t supposed to be No damn Lucious, I was! Forget Empire. I got my own show. Power on Starz Now – 50 Cent



The huge popularity among cameos on Empire prompted Danny Strong to cast the episode according to character matches.


The Sources rumored the episode will cast:


Former rapper and actor LL Cool J as Lucious Lyon, Cookie Lyon to be played by famed artist Nicki Minaj, Hakeem will be played by rapper Nelly, Raz B of former group B2k as Jamal, and Andre as singer background dancer Drake.


“ I love the show. This celebrity episode sounds good. I’ll definitely watch it” – Barack Obama
The Special Celebrity episode will be announced by Fox. What do you think of this rumored celebrity episode? Who would you cast?

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