Solange Knowles may Star as Beyonce’ in Lifetime Movie

CNNX Arrived at an audition studio for Lifetime Original Movie Beyoncé, where we spoke with Movie Director Corey Blackstone on the films progress.


“I’m not going on the record to say Solange Knowles will play Beyoncé but it’s possible. She looks similar of course, but she can’t sing well and something is just missing. Her jaw is really wide” – Blackstone

Blackstone confirms he’s watched 582,652 auditions for the role of Beyonce’ since 2002 and most recently from a class that graduated from Beyoncé 101 taught by father Matthew Knowles.

“All the auditions for the Beyoncé role were terrible. Some couldn’t dance, and most of them got so scared they soiled themselves during the audition. It was disturbing – Blackstone


Blackstone looked at a picture of Beyoncé performing at the 2013 SuperBowl Halftime and said I don’t even know where to find this Beyoncé. The only other option is to cast her sister Solange Knowles he said.


Lifetime, since 2012 began to put pressure on Blackstone to film the movie so it can air April 2016.

“I do have an idea though. If I get 4,000 fans, stylists, vocal coaches and dancers to bow down and worship Solange in a circle, while repeating her name for 397 hours, hmmm…she may become the closest thing to Beyoncé. Then I could film the movie. – Blackstone


Solange Knowles commented about the role.

I’m just happy to be here…..I would really like to try Blackstone’s idea with 4,000 worshiping me for 397 hours. – Solange Knowles


The Lifetime movie Beyonce’ will follow her life from childhood to present day detailing her music career, love life and drama from a secret extremely abusive relationship she had with a man named Trevor Green.

Trevor Green was said to have beaten Beyonce’ during her time in group Destiny’s Child with a belt he called Bobby Adderall.

Lifetimes Beyoncé is scheduled be filmed in 3 days and premiere April 2016. Stay Tuned
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