Raven Symone admits to being dropped on head as a child

CNNX-  The 37 year old actor/comedian Raven Symone sat down with Michelle Beatleman on Friday to discuss the controversy surrounding her comments as of late and shed light on why she says what says.

“I won’t allow myself to be painted as the ignorant person anymore. I have a story to tell that will save my reputation” – Raven Symone

Raven Symone has gone on record multiple times stating she does not identify with being black, and will not hire anyone with a ghetto black name.

Outraged fans took to twitter and social media against her saying things like

“Who does she think she is, with her fat face and double neck. Her name is just as ghetto as mine” – DookieEsha

We asked what she felt about the public and  comments like this one.


They hurt me, I really don’t understand why she would say my face is fat. I was born like this

Symone proceeded to tell her story enlightening on her past stating “I was dropped several times on  my head as a child”

Everytime someone held me they would slip or trip and I would immediately fall onto my head.

My dad stopped letting people hold me but even then I gained a thirst to fall on my head by myself.

I remember climbing onto the top of my bookshelf and jumping head first onto the floor. I loved it – Raven Symone

Symone continued to tell us how her thirst to fall on her head became so strong she continued it through her career even behind the scenes of her showf but the effects of head trauma were irreversible.

“I one day realized how bad it was when my friend told me to hand him a cup and I picked up his dog and handed it to him, I knew I had a problem then. -Raven Symone


Symone admits the damage from continuous head trauma has changed her life and she cannot view the world, wear certain clothes or speak on things as people may think she should.


Everything I say get’s scrutinized but it’s not my fault. It makes me want to slam my head into the floor so it will feel better.IMG_0544.JPG

Fans told CNNX they wish for Symone to try not to say anything of social and political relevance that the lovable silly goofy actor of her childhood days might have gotten away with.

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