Gangster Rapper Slim Jesus reads Bible and Raps his music to Kids at youth center

CNNX was invited to New Jersey community youth center to cover rapper Slim Jesus reading the Bible to a group of inner city children.


The Hamilton Ohio native Slim Jesus was anxious and stood amidst children ages 5 – 12 wearing a black bow tie. Slim Jesus smiled holding the Bible in his left hand and a microphone in the right. He told CNNX before the reading:


“I always come out and read the bible to the kids because they need to know the word of Jesus Christ, that he represented kindness, goodness and that they must be like him.” – Slim Jesus


After reading a few scriptures from the New Testament to the children he stood up as one of his songs begin to play.


Slim Jesus performed 178 of his songs to the excited children and they rapped along to his lyrics.


(lyrics)“I f*ck with savages// you a f*ck boy if you can’t hang” – Slim Jesus


(lyrics)“Got a fifty-clip sticking out the MAC// So that’s fifty shots for your goofy ass…” – Slim Jesus


After the performance Slim Jesus gave the children hugs and candy telling them they need to be like Jesus when they grow up.


“I want to be just like jesus when I grow up!” a young boy said- 6 years old.


His parents smiled proudly and then asked what did Jesus look like and he pointed a booger infested finger at Slim Jesus after which he ran into a far corner of the room and begin to giggle uncontrollably. The ambulance was called immediately for the boy who carried his lifeless body away in a trash bag.


“I Just think the kids need guidance. I’m going to keep coming here and reading them the bible and performing with my goons.” – Slim Jesus
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