Rapper Future Comes Out About his Rare Condition


“I have been Living with Glodum-Rotis since I was fifteen” – Future


CNNX – Recently the 43 year old rapper Future named Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn revealed the truth about his health and a condition he has been struggling with since he was fifteen. 

The condition he states has gotten worse and his first time telling his story recently was with Amy Shuman at CNNX.


“I Can’t hide it anymore you know, I wear dark shades to hide it but I have to be honest with my fans -Future


Future was diagnosed with the rare condition Glodum-Rotis at the age of 15 years old.



The condition Glodum-Rotis discovered in the early 1800s by Dr Samuel Glodum of the National Institute of Disease control found it causes a person’s eyes to grow closer and closer together over time.

The condition renders the patient completely blind without treatment.


Future has since wore shades to hide the condition from the public and rarely does any treatment. The condition he told us was getting worse and he has been almost blind in the studio forcing him to write nothing down and saying anything on the mic. Future told us he can record 199 songs in 3 hours.


 “I don’t think about it sometimes. I just put on my shades and just say whatever and it’s a hit” – Future


Typical treatment for Glodum-Rotis  is to meditate while pulling the corner of the eye away from the face as hard as possible. 

Treatments also include dropping warm breast milk into the eye and drinking toilet water to lubricate the fluid inside the Glodum Orogotmucious: a pulsating gland found in those who have Glodum-Rotis.

Mogul businessman and bad boy himself  Sean “P Diddy” Combs suffers from Glodum-Rotis but with treatment and special shades he has lived with it for 78 years now.


“Sometimes I cry at night because I’m scared that my eyes will grow so close together they will become one eye.” – Future


He admits he is taking a chance on his career by telling people about this condition but he hopes it will bring awareness to it. 

He first tried to tell everyone he had the condition by tweeting “I have the Glodum” everyday at midnight for 3 years but he immediately deleted it. Future Finally gathered the courage to come out now.

He encourages everyone who supports fighting the condition to tweet #IFightTheGlodum.

So far  Glodum-Rotis effects 4 out of every 7.6 billion.

You just got to keep it moving, can’t let this sh*t get to you. -Future


Singer The Dream also Fights The Glodum




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