Precious 2 Confirmed! Baby to be left in trash-can

CNNX- Lee Daniel’s stated his greatest movie of all time will be Precious 2 starring Gabrielle Sidabe and Leonardo Dicaprio as lead characters.


In some very dramatic scenes we learn Precious will leave her baby in the trash-can for 5 hours, whoop her with a piece of petrified wood and leave her on the dirty ground outside while she talks on the phone.



The story that follows Precious as she raises her child by her owIMG_1360.JPGn father. Lee Daniel’s states Precious will deal with the love and hate for her precious child and a man she wants to be with. Leonardo Dicaprio will play the love interest in Precious’s life and will have very explicit hot scenes not even suitable for some adults.

“This movie is gonna blow the lid on black mother’s neglecting their children over men” – Lee Daniels


Monique will be back playing as the villain in the film portraying the darker side of reality. Using Monique’s recent weight loss as a story,her character will pressure Precious to lose weight. Precious must defend herself fight for her man and find a reason to love her precious child.

Drake also will be in the film in a small role as the landlord for Precious’s apartment and Oprah Winfrey as a blind homeless man.

Critics rave Precious 2 will indeed make mother’s realize the value of children. 


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