Popular Bill Cosby App has Sold Over 9 million!

CNNXNEWSUpdated – Apple removed the controversial Bill Cosby game Kill Bill from its Appstore after complaints from players who lost their jobs and lives because they couldn’t stop playing it.

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“I couldn’t stop playing. I sat in the bathroom on the toilet at work all day playing it until I got fired.”- Adam

Kill Bill lets players select a female character from videogame franchises like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Final Fight, and Tekken. After selecting the character, players beat an avatar character of Bill Cosby in hand to hand combat until he is dead.

“My wife divorced me because of this game but I don’t even care….” – Gary

The gaming studio Mainstream Media Inc. stated they created the game out of thin air to consume the lives of millions of Americans. Bill Cosby could be considered one of the most hated celebrities in America today because of current rape charges and allegations.

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So far the game made over 4 million dollars before being pulled from the app store by Apple. The game is so addictive one player told a court his 3 dogs and 1 month old son died of starvation because he couldn’t stop playing to feed them – he is currently facing criminal charges.

15 people have died from playing Kill Bill in their homes. The paramedics were called and within 5 minutes of arriving were seen carrying their bodies out the back door in black trash bags.

“I love the game too.” – Bill Cosby

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