Old R&b singer Sisqo Seen Sad in Adult Club

CNNX News – Fans at a local California Strip Club said they saw 67 year old R&B singer Sisqo from popular 90s Group Dru Hill and creator of the hit Thong song staring depressed into a crowd of adult female dancers.


After what some said was less than 5 minutes the 4″9 blonde haired singer noticed he was being watched and left out a backdoor with tears in his eyes.


CNNX was later called to a hotel to interview the singer and get answers about the peculiar incident.

“I had a nervous breakdown. I finally realized I fell off” – Sisqo

Sisqo admitted he was depressed about his place in the industry after releasing his last solo album in 2015 “Last Dragon” to a total of 25 sales worldwide.


“Nobody knows I’m even still here. I’m still the dragon.” – Sisqo

Critics and bitter fans of Sisqo had opinions to give.

“You need to let that Dragon sh*t go and just be gay or something. That’s what’s hot in these streets now.” – Young Thug


Sisqo told CNNX he would retire and live his life off of his investments. He couldn’t understand why he never could get his status back in the industry.

“They used to say I was gay but now having dyed hair with gay tendencies is actually popular. I was ahead of my time.” – Sisqo

His head bobbed up and down as he spoke. He constantly looked out the hotel window with tears in his baggy eyes.

CNNX was escorted out his room as a set of models entered carrying handkerchiefs for the sad old singer.

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