Nicki Minaj Butt is Destroying her leg

CNNX- As critics and fans have pointed out, shockingly Nicki Minaj’s leg has reduced in size substantially due to having an excessive posterior. 

We spoke with Dr Abraham Lovehand about the condition he calls Gluteus Un-maximus which is caused by plastic surgery or injections to the buttocks which can cause ones leg to shrink in size, feet to swell and hands to shake uncontrollably.


“Women who get injections in their rear or plastic surgery run the risk of having gimpy legs over time because of the weight” – Dr Abraham Lovehand

One Fan stated after seeing Nicki Minaj on stage dancing with her one small leg mad them sick.

“I saw her dancing and that little leg was flopping around and I just threw up. I couldn’t take it. Her leg looks gross and her butt was bubbling out everywhere.” – Fan

Many women across the U.S have started get more and more surgery to enhance the butt but 8 out of 10 women who cannot handle the weight end up with very gimpy legs from inadequate support.
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