More Apple iPhone Edge Pictures and Details Leak

CNNXNEWS– On New Years Eve more images and details were leaked about Apple’s iPhone 7 edge to China Comm GC Mobile Media Outlet.

China Comm GC Mobile Huang Lo told readers he received the 2nd leak of information and pictures from an Apple insider in exchange for $1,200 who has since been in fear for his life. This leak is so big he stated, it could possibly get him arrested or worse.

“The information he gave me about the iphone 7 edge really blew my mind and my body has been very weak.” – Huang Lo

The Iphone 7 edge is supposedly one variant of 4 different Iphones Apple will release the Insider told Lo.

Information details the iphone 7 Edge features a 2560×1440 display, with an additional side edge screen that will be able to play full netflix movies, Apps and games like Angry Birds 2. The iphone’s edge will have it’s own A10 processor,  telephone number, 2gb of ram, and it’s own fingerprint touch ID for security.


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“Apple is brilliant, the phone’s edge can make its own calls while you’re on a phone call on the main screen. They are really shaking up the smartphone industry.” – Huang Lo

Apple has had multiple leaks online for it’s devices since the iphone 4s months before the official release. The Iphone 7 edge though is the biggest design change since the iphone 4s.

“I saw the Iphone 7 edge. It’s beautiful. I want to buy it now.” – a Blind man told CNNXNEWS

The apple insider told Huang Lo that Apple feels the design is not copying any other phone and quoted Jony Ive as saying “It is unapologetically edge”

The phone pricing is also slated to change completely and retail the iPhone 7 edge at just $99 for the 16gb. The Launch date of the iphone 7 edge is currently unknown.

Update: Huang Lo was found dead in his hotel room New Years Morning. He was shot in the back of the head several times. His lifeless body was carried away in a black trash bag.
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