Michael Jackson’s Secret Controversial Album Dedicated to Bubbles

CNNXNEWS- Michael Jackson, one of the greatest entertainers of all time was said to have recorded thousands of un-released songs including a full uncut album dedicated to Bubbles his monkey(chimpanzee).


The secret album “Bubbles” has been talked about behind closed doors in the industry for decades as Michael let some musicians privately hear it when he was alive.


That Bubbles album is raw. The songs are just beautiful – Pharrell


Usher spoke with CNNX about The Bubbles album and he couldn’t sit still as he spoke. He was sweating constantly and rubbing his hands together. “No one is ready for the Bubbles album. That sh*t is just too much for the world.” -Usher


The album features explicit lyrics including such lines from a song called “You can’t mess with my Bubbles”


(Lyrics) “Knocking at my door / Dancing on the Floor / You can’t mess with bubbles/ B*tch”


Some said Michael was channeling his anger through the album and Bubbles was a metaphor for his rights as an artist and his part ownership of Sony’s music.


They killed Michael because of that Bubbles album. I saw it coming when he played me this one song called “They coming for my Bubbles” – Will I am


(Lyrchimp-gunics) They coming for him/ Bubbles he better run/ They coming for him/ Bubbles get a gun


Fans have just now been hearing about the Bubbles album but will they ever hear it?


The Bubbles album supposedly has 36 songs including one with Bubbles himself on the entire track eating bananas and Michael in the background beat-boxing.


Some say the Bubbles album is a masterpiece.


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