Last Friday Details. Chris Tucker Quits Movie


CNNX received details about Ice Cube’s Last Friday film from Underground Legend Dj Pooh who stated the entire script and casting was officially done.


“It made me cry. I read the script and I couldn’t stop crying because it was so funny. This is the one” – Dj Pooh


We asked Dj Pooh to confirm the cast of the movie and if Chris Tucker was going to be involved.


“Chris told Cube he didn’t have time for this sh*t and was just too big to fit a role that would make him act like a crackhead. Chris told me his balls itched alot during filming for the first Friday so I don’t blame him.” – Dj Pooh


We asked Dj Pooh to give us details on who would be coming back. Most of the familiar cast including John Witherspoon, Mike Epps, Katt Williams and a few others including Chico the dog.


IMG_1527.PNGYea, Cube went and got some young stars like he always does. He cast Dc Young Fly and King Bach to fill roles. He has an eye for talent. No one knew who Mike Epps was nationally until Next Friday. – Dj Pooh


Parker Mckenna Posey from my 2001 sitcom My wife and kids will play a love interest including roles from heavyweight comedian Kevin HartIMG_1528.JPG and pop singer Justin Bieber. Fans of King Bach and DC Young Fly were happy about the news.


“I couldn’t wait for DC Young Fly and King Bach to blow up, this is going to be a good movie” – Fan


The Last Friday will begin filming early 2016 says Pooh.

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