Kylie Jenner Reveals 10 Amazing Secrets on How to be Hot from her New Book

Kylie Jenner new book

Cnnxnews had a chance to sit down with the young pale skeleton Kylie Jenner to discuss 10 spicy secrets on How to be Hot from her upcoming book “How to be Hot Booty.”

Her lips poked out like stiff melons as she smiled bashfully holding her book in her thin left hand.

To our shock she informed us the girl on the front cover was her before the $90,000 worth of surgery and scientific experiment.

“I spent alot of money to fix my face and my body so people can understandalize I am beautiful on the inside.” – Kylie Jenner


Kylie let a few fans read 1 chapter of her book at a local library who after reading became extremely excited.


“Kylie is so great, she makes me want to quit my job and be just like her.” – Michelle


Kylie explained her book is a about the secret to overcoming the feeling of being ugly  to being a hot beautiful celebrity idol. She explained if you buy her book you will learn in detail how to become a celebrity in just 12 months.

Here are Kylie’s top 10 Secrets to becoming hot in one month.


10. Kinda Eat Healthy

Kylie says she loves to eat healthy but says “to be honest she I’m young and don’t know what that means so I eat whatever I want.” To fans Kylie recommends if you are younger than 21 eat whatever you want too and sometimes eat things that are green like green gummy bears for your daily vegetable intake.



9.Get a lip job or use a vacuum cleaner

Kylie recommends getting lip work done to increase the height and enhance them. As you can see the amazing difference in Kylie’s mouthpiece. Kylie says if you don’t have the money for lip work ask someone to help enhance them with a vacuum cleaner hose.


8.Sleep More

To be a hot Kylie reveals you must sleep more and work less because being the hotness to haters will always be considered lazy. She recommends sleeping in late everyday and never waking up early for stupid things like work.


7.Wear alot of Make-up and pretend it’s not alot

One of Kylie’s patented secrets she says that will make people think you are the most beautiful thing walking is lie you aren’t wearing a lot of makeup. She suggests shrugging off the question “are you wearing makeup?” with an answer like “not really, I hardly have any on.” In reality Kylie spends 4-5 hours putting on her makeup daily.


6.Look Busy

The key to being hot is walking around in public  like you are going somewhere or doing something important when you’re probably not. Kylie says she must look busy for her sponsors and recommends staying aware of who is watching so they can be in awe.


5.Take more selfies

One of the most important things when it comes to being hot is how you look on camera. Kylie admits she took terrible pictures for most of her life but learned how to take a perfect selfie by practicing different poses  9 hours a day for a year.


4. Find your Style

Kylie says she loves jewelry, wearing clothes that show off her manufactured shape and dark colors. She avoids being cute in jeans or regular t-shirts by wearing tight edgy attire and darker shades of fabric. Kylie says she wasn’t always that way and suggests to her fans to find what looks best on them whether it’s crazy hairsyles, bright colors, or dark men.


3.Listen to Rap Music

To be hot in the 21st century whether you like it or not you must listen to some type of rap music on a regular.. Kylie says she would listen to rapper Tyga rap what she called struggle bars for 3 hours a day just to understand current trends and terminology that black people use. Kylie says now she can get…jiggy with the best of them.

“I’m Jiggy” – Kylie Jenner


2.Date a Black Guy

Kylie says one major key to becoming hot booty in one month is by dating and being seen with black guys. If possible Kylie explains to date a black celebrity of some kind if possible but if all else false date a black guy who thinks he can rap, they’re everywhere. Dating a black guy will associate any flat lifeless butt to being called a booty in mainstream america by default.


1.Buy or Build yourself a Bigger Butt

Finally Kylie reveals the number one secret to being hot booty is to buy or build a bigger butt for yourself if you don’t already have one. Kylie admits she went from having a butt that looked like a bent iphone to hot stuff. Two months and $50,000  later Kylie became the hottest creature in hollywood. Kylie recommends if you don’t have the money  you can do squats for 12 hours a day.

“I think I’m hot booty and I really think other women should be just like me.” – Kylie Jenner

Kylie fixed some of the mud scoops dripping from her face and told us to look out for her book coming soon as she walked out the door. Check out similar books below and stay tuned for more Exclusive Cnnx News stories
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