Jordan to Sue Fake Jordan Making Company for 5 Billion


“My shoes were not meant to be replicated! This is my brand and I will not be disrespected” – Jordan


CNNX – Retired Basketball Legend Michael Jordan spoke on a recent situation with CNNX explaining that a warehouse in Japan has been making Trillions of dollars a year selling fake Nike Brand Jordan’s around the world.


The company, Po Yung Chang is a huge distributor of the fake shoes for ebay, asian wholesalers and even commercial locations like flea markets in the U.S.

Potential buyers don’t notice a difference until an up close analysis reveal a long penis hanging from the fake Jumpman logo.


“I didn’t even know my Jordans was fake. One day I looked down and my Jumpman had his d*ck in my face” – Jamaal


It wasn’t until Jordan was given $500 from Nike for the billions they made in shoe sales with his name for him to take notice of Po Yung Chang.


“I’m out here getting pennies off a brand thats in my name so I need my money…somebody has got to pay for these d*cks.” – Jordan


The company Po Yung Chang physically makes the real Jordan and fake Jordan shoe in the same exact warehouse using different material for each.

Jordan says he is in talks with his legal team to come up with a strategy to sue them for 5 Billion in damages.
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