Jaden Smith to be New Black Spiderman.

CNNX – According to top level Sony Execs Will Smith is forcing them to make a deal to reboot the Spiderman franchise again with his son Jaden Smith starring as Peter Parker in 2018.



The Spiderman series reboot starring Andrew Garfield took a terrible decline with it’s second film grossing 5 million suicides worldwide. Since the loss of revenue Sony was rumored to reboot the franchise but have yet to cast the new Spiderman.

IMG_1383.JPG“I know my son Jaden has what it takes to be the next Spiderman and if you think he doesn’t then you’re racist” – Will Smith


Critics agreed though Jaden Smith was not very entertaining in recent roles such as After Earth and Karate Kid stating:

“Jaden Smith has no acting dynamic, he is stale and boring as taking a dump with no cellphone.” – Mildred Emo

The Spiderman series is one of the most well known superheros out of the Marvel universe series and if Jaden indeed gets the part Spiderman will begin shooting early 2017 with a 2018 release.


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