Young Thug in studio half naked with Lil Wayne working on Mixtape


CNNX Exclusive- At one point Lil Wayne hated rapper Young Thug but as recent as September the two have been seen together and rumors of a mixtape surfaced.


Dj Drama recently teased “Young Thug X Weezy Tape Comin” on Twitter but immediately deleted it after 2 minutes.


Lil Wayne and Young Thug also have been seen at clubs together and even to a recent pre-season Hawks game in Atlanta.


Young Thug denied a mixtape collab existed in October saying.

“I love Wayne, that’s my girl, but we ain’t working on no tape, shout out to Birdman.” – Young Thug


Lil Wayne however Exclusively spoke to CNNX this November confirming  the Mixtape was in the works.


“Yea. Me and Thug working on The Thug & Carter Mixtape. We got 165 songs done. It’s dope.” -Lil Wayne


We asked Wayne what ended the trouble between the two rappers and he explained.


“You know, Thugga called me one day and told me he was sorry for the drama and he said I was his idol. He told me he worship me on Sundays. I told that n*gga he was crazy and hung up in his face. The next day this sweet n*gga showed up at my house in a dress with a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. He said let’s do a private video. I said no, we can do a mixtape though. he said ok.” – Lil Wayne


The project, managed by Producer Royal told CNNX it will be the hottest mixtape of the entire decade. “We were in the studio last night and when they get together the chemistry is just there. Thugga started coming to the studio in women’s skirts that got shorter and shorter. He wanted to lay on the floor in the booth while Wayne recorded but Wayne said no.


They got a few more sessions to do and Thugga don’t even wear skirts anymore, he be coming in there half naked asking Wayne to sit in his lap but the songs be fire.


Lil Wayne had no comment on Young Thug’s behavior but said.

“You know what it is. The industry changing so That mixtape coming. F*k Birdman” – Lil Wayne


The Thug & Carter Mixtape coming
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