How to stop Guys from being thirsty for your Goodies

Thirsty: adj – (meaning) Desperate


CNNXNews Spoke with Instagram Legend Mimi Summers about how she was able to stop men from being so thirsty in her life.


IMG_1186.JPGMimi Summers previously known as @TreatMeLikeALady92 had 1 billion followers online before she quit social media.


Mimi said she loved being extra sexy, showing her booty and breasts everywhere in public and in her pictures on instagram.


“Guys figured out who I was in real life and showed up at my taco bell job trying to put their balls in my hand when they paid for their food. I was so disgusted – Mimi


Mimi says she also came home from work and 5 random men were in front of her apartment door dragging their nuts against the ground singing “Where that Slut at?” The police were called and carried them away in black trash bags.


“I tried to talk to guys about a relationship in my sexy outfits or with my sexy profile pictures but for some reason all they kept asking for was to netflix and sex. Men are so thirsty!” – MimiIMG_1175.PNG


One day Mimi says she was in a rush to go to work and put on a regular outfit that wasn’t tight and something miraculous happened.


“I was shocked. 90% of the guys I came across didn’t act thirsty!! It’s like I was wearing camouflage. I realized the truth- Mimi


Miss Summers says her life changed since then and she is now writing a book called “How to stop Guys from Being Thirsty”.


“Sexy just means sex to Guys. They don’t care we like to look good in that way. They think we just want to have sex. Wear something sophisticated more often and you will get better results unless you want attention Then you shouldn’t complain about guys wanting to put their balls in your hand”   – Mimi
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