Fox Empire Actor for character “Jamal” Plans Controversial Surgery

CNNX Spoke with Actor Jussie Smullet who plays Jamal Lyon on show Empire, about his decision to have Front Nuttle surgery in the upcoming months.


Front Nuttle surgery was created by a Dr Nuttle in the mid 20th century where he moved the “Male testicles” safely to hang in front of the penis. A small percent loved how it felt afterwards. 


“I’ve been saving up since I was a little boy to get it done.” – Jamal



Smullet’s decision to announce his Front Nuttle surgery has put it in a position for trending popularity.

“I think I want Front Nuttle Surgery because of Jamal, even though I’m 9 years old. I think it’s a cool” – Billy


Rapper Young Thug even teased about getting the surgery.



“I might get that sh*t. Get my balls Nuttled… me and my “baes” can Nuttle.” – Young Thug


Some Fans of Show Empire say Smullet is really helping push Front Nuttle surgery to those who never even thought about it.


“Some people don’t wake up and say, hey I want my balls in the front of my penis. FOH” – Pete


I think if you want Nuttle Surgery you should just get it. That’s you. It shouldn’t become something to do because of popularity. – Michelle



An OBGYN Dr. Susan M Green argued

It doesn’t make sense. It’s promoted wrong. No one wants to talk about the problems from it: Internal damage, feces, higher infection risks because of testosterone based promiscuity in the culture of it. It’s a serious decision they make.


Front Nuttle Surgery costs $168,542 with or without health insurance.
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