Musician Fetty Wapp May wear Eyepiece because of Young Disturbed Fans

CNNX- Musician, Singer Fetty Wapp born Willie Maxwell II on Monday hinted to his fans he may start wearing his prosthetic eye or an eyepiece because of a recent Survey done by CNNX.

The results of the poll were very scary.

We asked 2,000 boys who were fans of Fetty Wapp would they consider not having their left eye like Fetty Wapp and would they be willing to doing something to get rid of it.



A startling 88% of the boys indicated they would indeed consider not having their left eye just like Fetty Wapp, 10% planned to actually remove their eye somehow in the upcoming weeks and a shocking 1% planned on doing it that night when everyone was asleep. The remaining boys didn’t care to lose their eye at all.


One of the children out of the 10% was even quoted as saying


“I would not have both of my eyes to be like Fetty Wapp, He’s rich. I think girls would like me more too.” – Fan


Fetty Wapp was given the results of the poll and was alarmed.


“Man, thats crazy. These kids watch my every move and want to poke out their eye just because of me. I lost my eye because of glaucoma. I don’t want them to do that to themselves. I want to tell them, being able to see with both eyes is a good thing” – Fetty Wapp
Since the Survey Poll Fetty Wapp has not yet decided to wear an eyepiece or his prosthetic but is seriously considering the change.
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