Exclusive: Jay-Z Says his New upcoming Black Album 2 will Shock his fans.

CnnxNews- We had a chance to sit down with the rap icon and soon father of twins or possibly one large child to talk about his exclusive Black Album 2.


“I’ve been working on the Black album 2 since Bey dissed me on her Lemonade album. What I have created will Shock my fans.” – Jay- Z

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Jay revealed after the Beyonce Lemonade album, spending time with his daughter Blu Ivy, making up to his wife and the reduction in testosterone because of age brought out his feminine side. The Black album 2 originally having hardcore beats and bass driven punch is now reduced to soft ballads and harmonizing vocals Beyonce helped him create.


“There are 15 songs I recorded with Drake where I sing and he raps. It’s so so lovely” – Jay- Z

Studio Session, Jay- Z, Cnnxnews

“Drake and I were in the studio for 28 days straight trying to come up with the melody for this song called Lovely Sweet Sunrise and it was magic when we found it. Drake is very talented, and  he showed me how he does that “Oh yeah” thing. I became very moist.


Jay says The Black Album 2 concepts all started when he was trying to sing Blu Ivy to sleep and Bey walked in the room and told him to shut up because he sounded terrible.


“Bey said my voice was too hoarse for singing so she started teaching me how to hold notes while wearing her heels and it changed my life.” – Jay-Z


Jay says once he learned how to sing he felt more vulnerable and free so he began turning all his rap verses into singing verses.

The Black Album 2 will have an exclusive 35 songs from the 70 year old Jay-Z including features from Drake, Chance the Rapper, Michelle Obama and underground rap legend Penal Platter.

Tidal music will have exclusive streaming  rights to the album first followed by itunes, spotify, Muglim Music Streaming, apple music, pandora and others.

Jay admits he does not want anyone to know the exact release date for the album because he is still working on a few songs but stated it will be a classic, and released before the end of the year after his Illuminati goat skin sacrificing ritual to conjure album sells with his friends.

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