Doctor Discovers Donald Trump has a disease that could Destroy the World

CnnxnewsWe spoke with Dr. Earbart Thong head of the CDC in Kansas City about the disturbing parasitic disease he discovered in a Donald Trump skin sample he was given.


Dr. Thong was given the sample by a Trump supporter who says he saw a chunk of skin fall from Trump’s neck at a presidential rally. The supporter says he jumped on the piece of skin and was about to eat it when he noticed how odd it looked.


“I examined the sample he gave me and nearly soiled myself. This is the real deal. We all could die. Seriously.” – Dr Thong


Dr. Thong after examining the skin under a microscope found traces of month old Doritos residue, chicken pot pie juice and the sleeping parasite capable of destroying the entire human race. The parasite has been living in president Trumps skin for over 60 years! he says.

President Trump parasite


“This parasite in Donald Trumps skin if awake is capable of eating large parts of the body in 2 days and the victim will be dead from loss of blood in one week.” – Dr Thong

We asked Dr. Thong what all this means and how it is possible Trump is not a victim himself from this parasite?  He described the parasite as still growing stating it is sleeping because it has not fully matured but when it does it will have a larger mouth with 12 rows of large teeth. 


Dr. Thong’s hands were trembling as he explained he did not know how it got on Trump or where it came from but when awake it will eat Trump and any other person it comes in contact with. Surprisingly Dr Thongs says within just four years it could destroy the entire planet.


We asked Dr. Thong what we could do to stop this horrifying scenario from happening.


“We must clean Donald Trump’s neck with virgin olive oil and borax powder to get rid of the parasite and protect the human race.” – Dr Thong


We reached out to government officials to discuss military action for a presidential  Trump neck cleaning to protect the world but have not received word on a plan of action yet.
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