Disfigured Ronda Rousey Quits MMA to Sell Tuna Casseroles at Wal-mart


CNNXNewsRonda Rousey has taken multiple child-like beatings in her UFC career and not long after her last fight made a statement to temporarily quit MMA fighting and sell Tuna Casseroles at Wal-mart.


“ I’m quitting MMA. During the fight I got kicked in my head so hard it gave me this great idea for a delicious tuna Casserole. I could taste it in my mouth the rest of the fight. I want to sell them.” – Ronda Rousey

Ronda called Wal-mart and made an exclusive deal to start selling the casseroles.


We asked Ronda what exactly happened during the fight that made her lose? she explained:


IMG_1577.JPG“I was on my period. I can’t focus when I’m bleeding out too many places like that.” – Ronda Rousey


A disfigured Ronda took to social media Monday evening telling everyone to go buy her tuna casseroles at Wal-mart Tuesday morning.


Fans immediately swarmed Wal-mart Tuesday morning and the Casseroles sold out in 10 minutes. 5 people died in the swarm.IMG_1576.JPG

Rousey explains she wants to capitalize on what Patti Labelle is doing with her pies at Wal-mart and hope people just forget about her UFC fight.


“This Tuna Casserole is so good! It’s making me forget Ronda Rousey got her a** kicked at that UFC fight.” – Becky


A fan who had eaten 45 casseroles before even leaving Wal-mart fell over dead at the door. An ambulance carried the fan’s fat lifeless body away in a black trash bag.
Ronda Rousey’s casserole is currently on backorder until further notice.

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