Call of Duty Ape Ops 3 Best DLC Ever Made


CNNX – Gaming Developer Activision for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Confirmed they would be releasing a DLC called Ape Ops with add-on missions in a futuristic world ruled by Apes.


“In the future of combat you must consider that apes will be in control of the planet so we made Ape Ops 3 as a DLC with 153 missions and online multi-player.”-  Eric Hirshberg


Fans were ecstatic about the Ape Ops DLC giving it 5 stars before it’s release.


“This is going to be epic. Ape on Ape combat!! So hardcore.” – Billy


The game will feature a slew of new weapons from the futuristic Post Apocalyptic Ape world including the Ape nipple clamp which will attach itself to an Ape’s nipple and pull them forward firmly.


Players will have the ability to swing from vines during combat and jump 50 feet into the air. There will also be a new melee ape punch that can take 100% of an enemies health.


The Open World of Ape Ops 3 will also have fully destructible bananas originally scanned in at Activision studios with over 5,000 cameras.


“We wanted to make sure the bananas looked photo realistic in this game. We had to fire 35 people because they didn’t give the banana the quality we needed. I admit we worked on the bananas in this DLC more than Black Ops 3 itself. “ – Activision Developer


CNNX played Ape Ops 3 DLC and was extremely impressed with the banana destruction. Bananas realistically splattered against the ground and bounced properly using an advanced physics engine.

The Ape facial detail was extremely impressive simulating strong emotional lip movements during gameplay.


After CNNX played Ape Ops a fan who had been allowed to watch repeated the words “Ape Ops” until he fell over dead from excitement. The ambulance was called immediately who took his lifeless body away in a black trash bag.


Out of all the Call of Duty franchise DLC expansions this is by far the best we will ever release. Sales are going to bring us back where we need to be. We are very proud of our team – Activision


Ape Ops 3 will be release first Quarter 2016 on PS4, Xbonx One, PC and Nintendo 64.
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