Ben Carson Hints he did terrible Brain Surgery on Himself

CNNX spoke with Ben Carson in a personal interview about his 2016 presidential run and how he is tired of the media attacking him.


“I’m really tired of the media going after me because I say things like Planned Parenthood is eating babies. Yes they are eating babies. The Bible told me” – Ben Carson


Ben Carson stated he should be respected because not only is he running for office but he is a successful brain surgeon with over 15,000 successful surgeries in his career.


IMG_1229.JPGDuring the interview Ben Carson’s speech slowed down as he began talking about his medical career and how he wanted to heal America.


“America………is sick. and I want….” – Ben Carson


We asked Ben to finish his statement and he just smiled looking out the window. A butterfly was flying by. “Look, a pretty butterfly. Isn’t that wonderful?” he said.


Ben looked back at us and his face got serious and he raised his hands up.


“I must performed brain surgery on America like I did on my own brain. It takes the right tools and… oh the butterfly is back – Ben Carson


We continued to ask Ben Carson about his policies and what he would do, and he repeated the same answer.



“I’m going get the right guys in there, top of their field to do it…and yes. Brain surgery, done” – Ben Carson

We asked Ben Carson what he thought about the debt, college tuition, health care, foreign policy and his brand new dog Snuffles. he repeated.

“I’m going get the right guys in there, top of their field to do it…and yes. Brain surgery, done.” – Ben Carson


As we closed the interview we noticed Ben Carson had a small scar behind his ear with stitches.


He continued to smile as he bid us farewell then his face got stern again and then he smiled again and then he frowned and then he smiled again.
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