AMC Filming Best Episodes of Breaking Bad Season 6 in Ukraine

CNNXNEWS – The petition to bring back Breaking Bad for a 6th Season helped develop a story that will be filming 2 major episodes in the Ukraine with guest director Frank Oz.


Excited fans were happy to hear Breaking Bad will bring back all the favorite cast of the show placing Walter Jr as the lead character who will replace his father as a meth Kingpin with the help of Jessie. The story of how this happens creator Vince Gilligan says will shock everyone.

“The direction I’m going to take with these two episodes will really help the development of Walter Jr as the kind of person fans would never expect. Bad” – Frank Oz



Frank Oz was the lead puppeteer for Yoda in Star Wars ,Sesame Street, and The Muppets. Oz was able to land the director job one day while bagging Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan’s groceries in Publix.


“I told Vince while I bagged his fruit cups that he really needed to do Breaking Bad season 6 with puppets.” – Frank Oz


Oz stated Vince thought his idea was great and loved Yoda from Star Wars so much he let Oz come aboard as puppet director for 2 episodes.


The season we are told has more twists, action and drama than any other season to date and the Ukraine has a rich dirty atmosphere that will bring more flavor to the show.

“This show has always been great but when Oz adds a few puppets to it people will really understand how incredible it can be” – Jessie


Oz stated even though television doesn’t usual have puppets, everyone you see might as well be puppets because it’s all a stage, it’s acting. Everything you see is planned to make you do something, buy something, or be something. Oz says, Ask yourself what is the message of the puppet you watch on tv everyday? 

Breaking Bad season 6 will have only 5 incredible puppets for characters including a full time puppet for Skyler since fans disliked her character so much for the entire 2nd 3rd and 4th seasons.
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