Adele took 3 years to lose 220lbs of Fat

CNNXNEWS spoke with Adele on her fight against jellybeans and chocolate bars to lose weight for her highly anticipated album 25.

“I needed to let go of the gummy bears wrapped inIMG_1164.JPG bacon. They were so delicious. – Adele

Adele admitted it had been 3 years since her second album 21 for a reason. Adele says the money and popularity went to her hunger and with endless amounts of money she began eating nonstop.

IMG_1154.JPG“There were times I would eat cookie doe and chicken wings until I passed out.” – Adele

Adele states Friends and family stood by her even at her worst but one day her friend and manager Jonathan Dickens came to her home with a diet chicken plate.

“When I bit into the chicken it tasted so good and it had zero fat! I knew it was time to record” – Adele


After finding other sources of better tasting diet food Adele was able to lose 220 lbs and record theĀ songĀ Hello. The British singer encourages fans to eat properly and not be a fat bacon eating sloppy neck American.

The album is so highly anticipated analyst had to use a time machine to calculate it’s sales stating it would sell 100 million albums worldwide.

“It makes me moist to know her album is finally coming out soon.” – John Cena
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