2 Chainz Movie “Watch Out” a Netflix Original

CNNXNEWS- 2 Chainz and Netflix confirmed to be finalizing an exclusive streaming deal for the comedy movie Watch Out starring himself, Katt Williams and 50 cent.

The movie Watch Out follows a hustler name Teto played by 2 Chainz who finds his way into trouble after making alot of money off of midget strippers. Teto finds there are many enemies in his circle and even outside his circle who are envious of his hustle game.

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“Teto is the man in these streets but he is going to realize eyes are always watching him and his midgets” – 2 Chainz


img_2415.jpegKatt Williams told CNNXNEWS “No matter what you do out here for money, the man is going to try and make money off of it and if you don’t do what he wants you to do he will kill you or your character. watch out” – Katt Williams

Netflix revealed the movie will be apart of a comedy lineup of films all releasing as originals on their platform to take over cable networks.


A fan who saw the movie art release stated.


“I saw the cover for that movie Watch Out. That Movie is going to be hilarious” – Blacc Chyna


50 Cent spoke briefly about his character who will play Teto’s friend who also get’s caught up in the midget hustle and loses out. “ This movie is good. Me and 2 Chainz came together on the idea from real experiences. This sh*t real” – 50

The movie Watch Out  is currently being filmed and will be streaming on Netflix September of this year.


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